The Board

Some of the original Board members and other dignitaries at the dedication ceremony for the Burial Park - 1923

The Board of Cemetery Trustees of Greater Victoria (the "Board")

The Board was established through an agreement made between the City of Victoria and the District of Saanich on March 16, 1922. The Board is registered with the B.C. Corporate Registry and operates as a not-for-profit organization.

The City of Victoria and the District of Saanich maintain their interest in the Board by making appointments to the Board, with three (3) appointments made by each stakeholder.

The Board is registered with and licensed by Consumer Protection B.C. as a Place of Interment Operator and a Crematorium Operator.

The Purpose of the Board

The Board ‘operating as’ Royal Oak Burial Park, Crematorium and Mausoleum (“the Burial Park”) is responsible in an oversight capacity for the development, operation and maintenance of the Burial Park.

The Board operates independent of its municipal stakeholders, and manages the Burial Park on a 100 per cent user pay model. The Board and the Burial Park do not receive any taxpayer subsidy from either stakeholder municipality for Burial Park management and operation.

At 54 hectares, the Burial Park is B.C.’s largest municipal cemetery and provides burial and cremation memorial services to over 1,400 families in the greater Victoria community every year. Burial Park goods and services are provided on an at-need and/or a pre-arranged basis.

In addition to providing policy oversight for the regular course of operation of the Burial Park, the Board also act as trustees for the Burial Park’s Pre-Paid Cemetery Services Trust Account and the Perpetual Care Reserve Fund.

The Board is required to maintain the Pre-Paid Cemetery Services Trust Account and the Perpetual Care Reserve Fund in compliance with legislation and regulation set out in the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act of B.C. and the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act of B.C.

Current Board Members

Saanich appointees:

  • Mr. Richard Tuckey (Chair) – accountant (semi-retired) - appointed December 2003
  • Mrs. Lois Toms – lawyer (retired) - appointed April 2005
  • Mr. Paul Taylor – accountant (retired) - appointed March 2013

Victoria appointees:

  • Mr. Chris Lawless – economist – appointed January 2006
  • Mr. Geoff Young – City of Victoria council member – appointed December 2014
  • Mrs. Kathi Springer – communications & corporate relations professional – appointed June 2014