Mausoleum Entombment

Our above-ground option for interment

Crypt entombment was once only accessible to the wealthy, but at Royal Oak Burial Park it’s comparable to, and may be less than earth burial when all costs are considered. We offer both inside and outside entombment options, where a casket is placed in a clean, secure and dry crypt. Crypts are available in single, companion and family configurations.

The Royal Oak Mausoleum features gorgeous granite and marble galleries housing the indoor and outdoor crypts. Each marble-front indoor crypt can be memorialized with a bronze name plaque, cameo photos, flower vases and perpetual vigil lights. The granite-front Garden Crypts are located on the outside of the mausoleum and are protected by a vaulted extension of its roof.

Indoors or out, the mausoleum is the perfect location for serene, peaceful remembrance, regardless of the weather.