Cremation Services

Finding the right way to respect cremated remains

Cremation should be regarded only as the preparation of human remains for final disposition and permanent placement. The decision made around the final disposition of cremated remains is no less important than if you are burying human remains in a traditional casket service. If you are responsible for the final disposition of cremated remains ask yourself this question:

“Where will the cremated remains be in five, ten, fifty years?”

With cremated remains, commonly called ashes, permanently entrusted to our care, there will always be a record of the person cremated, and a place to pay respects and remember a loved one. We offer many affordable choices for memorializing cremated remains. There are primarily three options for the final placement of cremated remains:


Some of the most scenic parts of the Burial Park are dedicated scattering areas, many with permanent memorial options. Scattering at Royal Oak Burial Park ensures that there is a permanent record of the scattering and that the site will never be disturbed.


For in-ground urn interment, we offer numerous options throughout the Park. There are specific urn lots where traditional markers or granite plaques can be used. A family’s existing casket burial site can also accommodate the cremated remains of two additional family members.


Our columbaria niches offer above-ground urn interment in multiple sizes and configurations. Niches are available indoors at the Mausoleum and outdoors at the Section T Terraces.