Individual above-ground cremation crypts for urns

For those who prefer above-ground interment of cremated remains, we offer our unique columbaria niches in a wide variety of sizes and locations—indoors or out. These secure cremation crypts can accommodate single, companion and family groupings of urns.

Royal Oak Mausoleum

The special niches located inside our mausoleum feature glass fronts, so that personal mementos placed in the niche with the urns can be seen from the outside. Each niche features a small flower vase attached to its exterior.

In 2013 the Family Room Columbaria was added at the mausoleum. The Family Room can be considered a premium setting with a design unique to Victoria where each glass front niche is individually lit.

The peaceful mausoleum setting assures a secure and comfortable environment for year-round visiting.

Cremation Terraces

The Cremation Terraces north of the mausoleum in section T feature a grouping of outdoor columbariums. Niches are available in single, companion and family configurations. There are also family estate Columbaria available that are designed for multi-generational use by a single family accommodating up to 16 urn interments.