Choosing a permanent and protected scattering site

Scattering can be a meaningful choice but it is an irreversible choice. Scattering at a location other than a cemetery has its own considerations: property ownership and land use changes mean that ‘special spot’ may not always be accessible, may be sold or developed for a purpose inconsistent with the spirit of the scattering, or the family home may not remain in the ownership of the family.

It’s for these reasons that we recommend scattering in one of several scenic locations in our Park, where a permanent memorialization of the scattering can be recorded and there will always be a serene place for friends and family to visit. Here are several of the scattering options we offer:

Green Burial Scattering at the Woodlands

In the Woodlands Green Burial area, cremated remains are returned to the earth in the most natural way. A bit of topsoil is removed, ashes are scattered in the depression and then they are covered with soil. The site is then left to the local indigenous plants to reclaim to a natural landscape. A simple inscription can be added to one of the communal memorial boulders in the Woodlands.

Memorial Woods at the Columbarium Grove

Located in the Columbarium Grove, a large stand of mature trees features a path that meanders through the natural setting. Along that path are lots where the cremated remains of multiple family members may be scattered beneath the surface of the lots and then a family memorial is placed on the lot surface. Memorial Woods lots permit a high degree of personalization and there are numerous and unique memorial options available.

Book of Remembrance at the Columbarium Grove

Another option located in the Columbarium Grove, the Book of Remembrance provides for the scattering in an underground ossuary at the base of the book. A bronze memorial plaque with an inscription is attached to the granite memorial book. Cremated remains scattered in other locations of the park, or in locations outside the Park may also be memorialized with a plaque at the Book of Remembrance.

Memorial Wall at the Garden of Remembrance

Cremated remains are scattered in the heavily forested hill at the east boundary of the Garden of Remembrance. At the foot of the slope is a wall where a bronze plaque with a simple memorial inscription is then attached to one of the bricks. The Memorial Wall is conveniently located and easily accessed through the Garden of Remembrance, which is near the entrance of the Park.