Park Features

Special features that distinguish us

As a full-service burial and cremation remembrance provider it’s important for us to be able to meet the needs of our client families. Thoughtfully located throughout the Park are many special features that provide options for everything from specific kinds of burials to a venue for memorial services. Here are highlights of some of the treasured places you’ll find at Royal Oak Burial Park.

Woodlands for Green Burial

For those who seek to minimize their impact on the local and global environment, we offer dedicated Woodlands areas for green burial. Green Burial returns human remains to the earth in a simple state permitting decomposition to occur naturally and so contribute to new life in a forest setting.

Little Spirits Garden

Parents who have experienced the loss of an infant or a pregnancy now have their own dedicated place to grieve and remember that tiny life. Our Little Spirits Garden is located at one of the highest points in the Park and is sheltered for privacy by a stand of native arbutus and fir trees. Within this protected garden memorial ceremonies can be conducted in the pavilion, there is a designated area for scattering cremated remains and numerous permanent and temporary memorial options are offered at no cost, or on a donation basis.

The Little Spirits Garden is available to every family, no matter where they live, what their financial means are, or where or when they may have experienced their loss.

Royal Oak Mausoleum

The Royal Oak Mausoleum was the first and remains the only community mausoleum on Vancouver Island. This majestic building featuring grand marble and granite galleries provides the option of above ground casket entombment in dry and secure crypts or cremation niche interment in stunning glass front columbariums.

Garden Chapel

The impeccably maintained Art Deco design of the Garden Chapel makes the chapel one of the most striking buildings in Royal Oak Burial Park. Everything about the chapel—from the seating, to the light fixtures, to the amber-coloured leaded glass, to the distinctive exterior—has been lovingly preserved or restored since the building was erected in 1937.  It was recognized as a Historic Place of British Columbia in 1997 and is included on the Saanich Heritage Registry as having significant community heritage value.

The Garden Chapel has been a comforting setting for memorial services for many generations of Greater victoria families. This truly unique, intimate and beautiful place to honour and celebrate loved ones is available for services to this day.