Step One

At the very least, talk with your family about what you want to happen when you pass away. Tell them whether you want cremation or burial, a church funeral or a celebration of life, and where you would like your final resting place and permanent memorial to be.

Step Two

Put your final wishes and preferences in writing. Be specific and be detailed. You can even write your own obituary. Once written down, share a copy of your document with your executor and key members of your family who will be responsible for seeing them through to fulfillment. It’s okay to put these written instructions in your will, but make sure others are aware of your wishes outside of the will context; it is not uncommon for interment and cremation services to be conducted – sometimes in conflict with wishes recorded exclusively in the will – before the will is read. Our family service team can provide you with pre-planning templates for recording your final wishes.

Step Three

Pre-plan, record, and pre-pay for all of your final wishes and preferences with your preferred cemetery and/or funeral service provider. Then, make sure your executor and family know who you have made these arrangements with. When you go to this extent, you will have peace of mind knowing that everything is looked after and that your family will not be faced with an overwhelming number of decisions or difficult financial choices at the time of your death.