Why Pre-Pay?

The most comprehensive form of pre-arrangement you can make is one that includes full pre-payment of the services and goods you have decided are right for you. Almost all of the services and goods offered at the Burial Park can be pre-selected and pre-paid, in full, at the time you make your pre-arrangements.

Once you have paid for those services and goods – at today’s cost – they will be delivered in the future, when needed, at no additional cost to your estate or survivors. The services and goods selected today are guaranteed for delivery at a future date.

This advanced planning and payment offers the purchaser the peace of mind that their final wishes have been recorded and that they have spared their family the stress and challenges inherent in making those decisions and payments at the time of death.

Pre-paid interment, cremation, and funeral service plans are regulated and monitored under consumer protection regulation. Funds that are pre-paid at the Burial Park are invested through the TD-Canada Trust Funeral and Cemetery Services Pre-paid Trust division and are protected through CDIC insurance provisions. Pre-paid service agreements can be cancelled at any time, subject to certain cancellation provisions.

To further discuss pre-payment of services and goods at the Burial Park please don’t hesitate to contact our family service team.