Why Pre-Plan?

“Peace of mind” is the simple answer to this question. Pre-planning allows you to contemplate, with a clear mind, all of the considerations that go into cremation or burial service planning. By pre-planning, before a death occurs, you will have all the time you need to educate yourself about the options, the costs involved, and the local service providers who may be able to meet your specific needs.

Call Us First

No matter where you are in the pre-planning process – just starting, ready to record your wishes, or wanting to pre-select and pre-pay for your arrangements the Burial Park family service team is here to serve you. Our service team will sit down and discuss our service options with you, without obligation or cost, and give clear and complete information with itemized pricing. We will also provide other complimentary materials that can help you make your plans.


EVERY FAMILY NEEDS TO KNOW THIS: At the time of a death, Power of Attorney immediately ceases and legal authority over the transportation, disposition, and other final arrangements for the deceased passes to the Legal Representative of the deceased (executor) as named in a will. In the absence of a will, authority passes to people specified under an order of succession set out in the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act.

If an executor has not previously been named, this can cause, at minimum, delays in getting final arrangements completed in a timely manner or, at worst, can lead to very disruptive and emotional disputes among family members.

In every instance, the authority of an executor supersedes the authority of family; this makes the selection of an executor a critical pre-planning decision.

Every person should have a named Legal Representative who will be available at the time of death to ensure their final wishes are respected and completed as planned.

Key Planning Steps:

Initial Practical Needs

It is essential that, at the immediate time of death, there is a plan in place designating who will look after the transfer of the body from the place of death, provide shelter and care for the remains, as well as acquire and complete the legal documentation of the death. This ensures that the survivors are able to smoothly follow through with facilitation of the remainder of the final plans of the deceased. (A licensed funeral service provider normally performs the services noted above. The Burial Park, while not licensed to perform these basic services, works closely with all local funeral service providers.)

Quick Fact: There is no legal requirement under B.C. law for a family to use a funeral service provider. A family can make and attend to all transfers, make their own casket or cremation container, and handle all service arrangements on their own. However, this is an involved process that cannot be completed without considerable advance planning and the presence of a strong support team to assist.

Quick Fact: There is no legal requirement under B.C. law that requires a body to be embalmed. Since the vast majority of cremation or burial services occur within a week of death, modern refrigeration and topical sanitary care and disinfection of the external surface of a body will ensure the body can be sheltered in a dignified and if desired, viewable, condition. Today, many environmentally conscious people regard embalming, with its use of toxic and hazardous chemical injections, as an antiquated and highly invasive process that is unnecessary in our modern culture.

Burial or Cremation

This is a decision that will be guided by past family tradition, religious practice, cultural considerations, and personal preference. This website describes the cremation and burial services that are available at the Burial Park and can help guide your decision. If you have any questions about cremation or burial don’t hesitate to contact our family service team.

Permanent Resting Place and Memorial

Decades of providing service to bereaved families confirms this simple sentiment: “Everyone wants to be remembered, always.”

Perhaps the most important consideration of the pre-planning process is choosing the location for the permanent resting place and memorial – even for cremated remains – in a licensed cemetery. This provides affirmation that a life was lived, that it is remembered, and it gives future generations a place to go and remember, too.

Long after a funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life is over, a final resting place with a permanent memorial will serve for future generations as a link to the past and a family’s history.

This website describes many of the permanent remembrance options that are available at the Burial Park. If you have any questions about these options don’t hesitate to contact our family service team.

Funeral, Memorial Service, Celebration of Life

There is great value and solace in having some form of gathering or service, whether private or public, formal or informal. These events are really for the family, friends, work colleagues, and others who may have known the deceased. The saying “strength in numbers” is especially applicable for those in grief. Sharing the sorrow of loss, remembering a deceased loved one, and celebrating their memory gives tremendous support and comfort to those communally affected by a death.

No matter whether you choose cremation or burial, our service team can provide you with general information about what form of service or event you want to be a part of your final arrangements.