Royal Oak Burial Park has recently expanded our burial areas and is pleased to offer new options for families, including double-depth plots. The two newly expanded areas, named Birch and Magnolia, are perched in the ‘highlands’ of the Park, each with lovely vistas.

The Birch section offers double-depth plots with personalized flat marker memorials. The advantage of double-depth plots is that couples or close-knit individuals may be buried together, while ultimately making an environmentally friendly choice through less land-use. This remains a traditional burial option that takes a modern and responsible approach. And the setting is just so lovely.

The Magnolia section is equally beautiful in its setting within Royal Oak Burial Park and has been designed to accommodate a mix of traditional single burial plots and in-ground cremation plots with flat and upright memorialization options.

For those who are interested in Green Burial, we are also offering double-depth green burials in the area of the Park now known as Woodlands II. Green Burial is an increasingly sought-after option in our region. We are happy to tell you more about this service at any time.

As always, we invite members of the public to visit our Park at any time, stroll around our beautiful grounds and enjoy the peace and serenity of one of Victoria’s most special places. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more.