No better time than now

“No one, in grief over the death of a loved husband or wife, son or daughter, is in a mental state necessary for the wise choice of a permanent burial site. The time to buy burial property is before the need for it becomes immediate. Things every family must inevitably have, things which protect against unnecessary sorrow and loss, should be secured in times that are advantageous. Inquire at the Park office for costs of property and for terms under which it may be obtained.”
- From Royal Oak Burial Park brochure from the 1930’s

These same words written so eloquently in the 1930’s ring true today. The time to think about your final wishes, the time to let your family know your wishes, and the time to put your plans and wishes to paper, for the “things every family must inevitably have,” is when those family decisions can be made with a clear mind, free of the stress and the fog of grief at the time of a death.

Most people have a will, life insurance, a pension and retirement plan, and will provide instruction to their family about end-of-life care. However, most people stop there and do not take the last step necessary to make their plan complete: leaving instructions for what they want to happen to them at and after the time of death.